Thursday, October 4, 2012

It happened.... again yep Toilet troub part 2

Well mine and Natalie's toilet clogged again.... but this time no plastic bags and duct tap, just a lot of plunging and liquid plumier. The clog stayed with us for a day and a half and I plunged and plunged and plunged and snaked the drain and oh my it was a long day and half. I hate toilets. Anyway the victory was not as enthusiastic this time. We mostly wiped the tears from our eyes and walked away.

Well I know my blog is read to make people laugh (usually at me) so seeing as I had a healthy breakfast of Dr. Peeper and a muffin and got 4 hours of sleep I'd say I'm ready to tell a story.

OK lets start with my blond moment.... So today I got on my Itunes to well listen to music and the new muse album came up and I thought I'd bought it and I was freaking out and so I knocked on the sealing and had my neighbor Austin come down and he's like yep its your album. And I was like crap I didn't want to spend 10 bucks on the new muse album.... well a few min later Austin yelled threw my window and asked if anyone else used my Itunes....Then it hit me Rob (my other neighbor) used it last night to put music on my roommates Ipod. Than it all made sense Rob is the biggest Muse fan I've ever met and all the songs I didn't recognize were very Robbish. Any way so after having a heart attach about the whole thing I calmed down and took a nap.

Sorry this was not as funny or adventuresome but some of the real adventures are illegal for me to post (apt. law) anyway more adventures are to come.... 27 days to Halloween.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

What's in the Window?

So college life is interesting to say the least..... and after the toilet trouble we though we were in the clear for a while, but this is us of course and well things never go as planed.
The day after the toilet trouble was over our temporary roommate moved out because her contract was up and to be honest me and Nat were excited to have the place to ourselves and get it all clean and sanitized. (we used what felt like hundreds of Lysol whips.) but I'm getting off track, ok back to the adventure.... so out roommate moved out and we were celebrating out opportunity to sanitize all the suffices of out new home when.... Nat heard a noise coming from the window wheal in the room across from ours. I thought it was the water running in the apartment upstairs, Nat thought it was our roommates boyfriend trying to be romantic (and boy if it had been wouldn't he have been embarrassed... )
Nat went to check the strange noise I being the amazing roommate I am waited in the door way. and as Nat pulled the blinds up there was a little shadow and this cute little critter had chewed threw the screen and got stuck between the screen and glass. That's when the fun began I was thinking 'oh poor thing trapped in the window I hope it gets out ok.' And Nat is yelling for me to go get the building manager. So got the building manager, who got there just in time to see the little critter climb out the window and run to the complex behind us.

Now because I've neglected my blogging duties I must write one more story.... over Labor Day weekend me and my roommate Kenzy were riding home together cause were from the same area and neither of us wanted to make the drive a lone, so we were taking my amazing cute little black car, which I named Abby ofter NCIS's amazing forensic scientist. Before leaving out city I decied to fill up with gas... (insert eye roll here)
First I drove all over town to check gas prices and stopped at the one farthest from the free way and our apartment to fill up with gas that coast the same as the station acrost the street....
after pulling in to the sation all ready to fill up my car I relized the tank was on the other side :( So I then had to leave that pump go to another one were I got a little to close to the pumping area (don't worry mom and dad I didn't hit anything or scratch or dent the car I promise) So because I was so close Kenzy rolled down her window and helped me fill the car up by pusssing bottons and getting recipt ect...
Well that's all the stories I have for now have a good day y'all .

Sunday, August 19, 2012

first full day... all unpacked and trouble comes...

After waking up this morning me, Kate, and my amazing, fabulous, and all around epic roommate, Natalie, got ready to go to church like good girls and we got ready and to the building we needed to go to even on time... then we discovered that church started an hour later.
So we went steeple chasing and ended up at a random family ward.... but hey we were good girls.... sort of.
later that day after much sleeping, movie watching, and snacking our toilet plugged... thats right unmoveably plugged.... :( so after working on it for hours!!!! we claimed that it was an emergency and went to Wal-mart to buy a new plunger, a snake, and Mr. Plumber, and as we were checking out the checker asked me how it was going... and I'm thinking we have all the stuff to unclog a toilet... how do you think It's going....
so we now have Mr. Plumber working and soon I have to get back to work... I feel like I'm training for CPR.
warning!!!! This next scene has graphic details of our clogged toilet!!!!
So after letting Mr. Plumber sit for 30 min. the plunger still wasn't working and I knew in that moment our snake had to go in deeper... so I did what any logical person would do. I had Nat get a garbage bag, put it over my hand and arm, and had her duct tap in place on my upper arm, then I took that snake and put it down as far as I could... and it was worth it. As I pulled the snake out I got the toilet flushed and plunged at the same time and then the most glorious sound came gurgling from the toilet bowl... we had done it!!!!! Our plugged toilet was no more!!!! After jumping up and down, yelling for joy, we cleaned the bathroom and all was well in apt 18 again. :D oh what a night... got to love college.